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A Week of no Wins

I feel like it’s been one thing after another this week. There’s been a mountainous pile of washing needing sorted, my mind and wardrobe need a de-clutter, and I’ve been helplessly trying to fight a week long cold. So, rather than to sit silently wallowing in my own self pity, I thought why not write… Continue reading A Week of no Wins

Mum and Baby

My (sort of) stay at home Husband

My husband has been very involved in raising Harris, right from birth, and I would usually refer to him as a “hands on dad”. I do wonder, though, in this modern age, with more woman working their way up the corporate ladder and becoming badass boss babes, does the term “hands on dad” have any… Continue reading My (sort of) stay at home Husband

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Some crafty gifts for Christmas and actually, all year round.

Now I am, by no means, the Kirstie Allsopp of crafting but I do enjoy the look on people’s faces when they receive a gift that has meaning- a personal element - and something I’ve put some thought into making. It’s become a sort of tradition at Christmas, stemming back a few years, that I… Continue reading Some crafty gifts for Christmas and actually, all year round.

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Little Greene Yoga Review

The class- Post-natal Yoga (with baby) The name- Little Greene Yoga The place- The Boiler house , Hidden gardens, Tramway Museum The time- 10.15am on Thursdays The fees - £52 per 6 week block The contact- Throughout my pregnancy, I delved into some prenatal yoga, just at home; some basic YouTube videos, but I… Continue reading Little Greene Yoga Review

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The first Christmas as a 3…

Have you ever had to endure the excessively stressful journey home for Christmas? No amount of planning can prepare one for the mammoth operation that is squeezing most of your life into the square footage of your car for the event of the year. And taking a 4 month old along for the ride comes… Continue reading The first Christmas as a 3…


My top 5 couldn’t live without…

There are a number of products/ items that I would have struggled to live without in my first weeks adjusting to mum life. The list is never-ending with too many to mention in this post. Some items, if not all, quite frankly saved me from hitting an early mid-life crisis. Every new mum’s experience is… Continue reading My top 5 couldn’t live without…