Recipe for Nappy Balm

Hi Mums,

If you’re like me, and 9 weeks in to Maternity leave you are noticing the purse strings tightening, then hopefully I can be of some assistance. Today I discovered a recipe (i have adapted it slightly) which can be used as a low cost alternative to the typical nappy rash prevention creams we get in supermarkets such as Bepanthen and Sudocrem. 

 With only 4 ingredients it’s quick, easy, and should last a lot longer than your usual nappy creams. I noticed that 100g tubes of Bepanthen are on average around £6-7 and I have one stored in nappy drawer, a spare for when that runs out and one in my mum bag! So on average, I have been using 3 full tubes per month. I realise this cost will reduce slightly as the nappy changing becomes less frequent, but I am currently paying at least 20 pounds a month.


So….Here is my fully organic and low budget…

Baby Bum Balm



caster oil- 1.5 oz  

coconut oil- 1.5 oz  

vitamin E oil- Few drops (I was able to pick up a bottle on amazon for £3.99) and  

*breastmilk- 2.5 oz

All of the ingredients (bar via E oil) I already have in my store cupboard so this was easy to prepare.

Method-  Heat all oils in a pan on the stove until melted, add 3-4 drops Vit E oil. Let cool. Add breastmilk before oils set and whisk. Add to a sterilised tub to set in fridge. After 15 mins re-whisk product in tub to ensure no splitting. 


I was able to fill a 125ml tub with some left over and this recipe will keep for 3 months refrigerated! 

  • note the breastmilk was a last minute addition and doesn’t have to be used. My reasoning for adding it was I recently found out that it contains the antibody IgA which has natural antiseptic properties. My mother in law recommended I used a little breastmilk to clear up a milk spot rash (completely common) that Harris had when I first began feeding. Within a day it had almost fully cleared up.   

Hope you find this product useful and have fun making it! 

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