My top 5 couldn’t live without…

There are a number of products/ items that I would have struggled to live without in my first weeks adjusting to mum life. The list is never-ending with too many to mention in this post. Some items, if not all, quite frankly saved me from hitting an early mid-life crisis. Every new mum’s experience is unique and I’m sure you will find your way organically as your individual little bundles share with you their individual little needs. I have, however, narrowed down a list of MY top five “couldn’t have survived without” items. Some were discovered or gratefully recommended so I thought I would share them with you, and any new mummas out there reading!

Number 5- The 4Moms Mamaroo

This product was discovered by my husband after doing some research on baby rockers. At £299  it is the most expensive item on my list, although already in my opinion it is ticking the box on value for money. The Mamaroo has been used in hospitals in America to help with the likes of baby colic, as described on their website, therefore I had no qualms regarding the safety and benefits of the product. The Mamaroo allows me a little freedom to do simple tasks around the flat, as Harris will sit comfortably in it and he is safely strapped in. The product has 4 settings for movement with music so you can find a setting that your baby enjoys. This can also be controlled via your phone with an app. The comforting element is that it can mimic the motions of our baby in the womb, and it can also be used from new-born with an additional insert. (Unfortunately this isn’t included in the £299 price tag and was an additional £30). We were lucky as bargain hunter Hubby noticed the Mamaroo on the website (tagged above) on a flash sale. “Precious Little One” often do this so keep an eye out for discounted products, Mums! *Note that there are other options like the 4Moms Rockaroo which comes in more cost-friendly*

4. Medela Breastmilk Collection Shells

This product, coincidentally, was an accidental purchase when struggling to breastfeed. My initial thoughts were to buy the Breastfeeding SHIELDS that one can use to cover the nipple, acting as an aid for baby latching on. However, the SHELLS above arrived and in my utter desperation, I frantically opened them.  This turned out to be the best decision I have ever made. As I have mentioned in my milk donation post previously, my milk came through early in abundance and it became very difficult to feed on days 3/4. The milk collection shells fit inside your feeding bra and the pressure seemed to help the milk leak out. I therefore wasn’t relying on expressing as much. I also genuinely believe that as the shells filled up with breastmilk, it was like therapy for my cracking nipples. Instant relief. These little guys are also great if you want to collect milk in addition to expressing. Sometimes we mummas want to enjoy a night off the feeding, and to enjoy the occasional G&T!

3. Tiny Baby Clothes

Something that I only discovered in Hospital whilst dressing Harris in new born outfits. Naively I just assumed newborn would be one size fits all. Newsflash. Newborn = Huge! Well, not exactly huge, but Harris surprised us a week early and therefore was indeed a TINY BABY, hence the need for smaller clothing. Luckily, my wonderful sister-in -law gifted Harris some tiny baby clothes and brought them to the hospital. We were eventually able to dress him appropriately, without him looking like Josh Baskin at the end of Big…

2. Ewan the dream sheep

There are many way to soothe baby to sleep at night and, although this may be the lazy mum option, when you’re both sleep deprived and physically drained, little Ewan the dream sheep is the handiest of gadgets. He unfortunately doesn’t come with batteries and, contrary to reviews online, he swallows them up pretty quickly I found. We used compatible rechargeable batteries and found this the best option. Ewan makes noises which mimic the sounds similar to being in the womb and shines a pink light which provides baby with a calming presence. In fact, I’ve become so used to this little sheep at night, that I’ll never go back to counting them!

1 Jo “the bra lady”

Yup, you read it correctly. And no, Jo is neither an item nor a product. This wonderful human being is worthy of top spot on my list. Jo came to my rescue at a breastfeeding class I attended at the Victoria Hospital. Oblivious to the fact that feeding bras were even a thing, Jo made me realise the importance of finding one that not only fits but is comfortable, supports milk-bulging boobies and can help prevent contracting that horrid disease, mastitis, that every breast-feeding mum dreads. Jo fits you perfectly for feeding bras and/ or tops. She is a fountain of knowledge with years of experience, and made me feel so comfortable. I’m an amateur at best at underwear shopping so having her come to me in the comfort of my own home was bliss. Jo’s details for you are listed here…

So there you have it guys- my Top 5 couldn’t have survived without items.


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