Review: Baby Massage with MamaBabyBliss

Harris is 4 months old. How did this happen? I feel like I just blinked and he grew out of newborn outfits and grew into his own little personality.   Sometimes I think that I’ve had him for a lifetime and other times it feels like I’m borrowing a baby that I’ll need to return back to owner. Sometimes I can’t quite believe he’s mine. I have to pinch myself and think- I made him! I grew him! That’s pretty damn cool isn’t it?!

Harris and I have been enjoying lots of classes that the Southside of Glasgow has to offer. Conveniently, most right on our doorstep and a short pram stroll away.

I thought I would kick start my class reviews on the blog, and seeing as Harris has recently graduated from his baby massage class, would share this one with you. Because one day he will graduate from school, and then university, and then he’ll marry.. and then he’ll leave me.. so you know, I have to relish in these moments for as long as my lingering proud Mum heart will allow me. (And because right now he is too young to be embarrassed by/ ashamed of me)

The Class- Baby Massage.

The Name- MamaBabyBliss

The Location- Silverburn Tesco

The Fees- £35 per block

The contact- Lee Sherry (<>)

Baby Age Group- from Birth to crawling

MamaBabyBliss is a chain renowned for supporting mums through the journey from pregnancy to motherhood.

I was super excited to find out what was involved with baby massage.

I emailed Lee who was great at giving me lots of info on prices and course content. It is always daunting starting something new and with a new baby it just adds to the social anxiety.

I was happy to discover that it was inside Silverburn Tesco which has ample Parent and Child parking and at 1.30pm on a Wednesday you won’t find yourself driving in circles hunting  down a space, nor are you fighting for one within the madness that is the post 3pm school Mum’s traffic. Naturally you’ll want to visit Silverburn’s shops after class, for a little stroll, to use up some precious baby sleeping time, maybe some window browsing, some lunch. Sound good?! The proximity of this class to so many good shops is too tempting, and also a danger for giving the bank balance a serious hit before Christmas.

There’s a little community room within the Tesco (who knew?) Where Lee had set up with towels/ mats/oils and Mum and baby can relax to some ambient and soothing music.

Lee is a sweetheart. She made me feel comfortable from day one. Even when my sister and baby Autumn couldn’t make it along and Harris and I were on our own in class. She made us feel at home, offering a complimentary tea or coffee, and allowing time for a chin wag at the end. A nice touch I thought.

The course was varied, each week concentrating on a different body part, and in the final week, concluding with a full body massage routine for baby. Lee was very informative as to what parts we could concentrate on at home and how this would help our little ones. For example, fitting in a quick massage around a nappy change. We sung songs along to certain massages which was to aid mum and baby bonding but I’m sure I am driving my husband up the wall, repeatedly singing the Peter Pointer, Tommy thumb song! Lee gave us home some handouts which had information on reflexology each week and a break down of the massage we learned. Interesting to learn that certain massage techniques could assist in helping babies being stuffy or having colic or wind. The oil used, which we were allowed to keep, was completely safe and organic and smelled lovely! Lee was so patient when Harris needed a feed or cried, or sometimes both! No judgements were made, or eyelids were batted, when Harris managed to miss the towel provided, aiming pee all over the floor, and my jeans. Just an eye roll from his irritated mumma- they are my favourite Levi’s jeans! Harris loves to be naked and so he was quite content the majority of the class whilst stripped to his nappy.

It was a small class (in fact my sister and I were the only mums this block due to some cancellations) which was really nice to have that one to one time. It felt really relaxed and was so nice for Harris to spend some quality time with his little cousin. And although the babies are too young to remember the course, we were able to take home some new massage techniques and some wonderful memories.

Thanks to MamaBabyBliss and Lee’s teaching, I am now able to fit some sort of massage into Harris’s day  which I believe is fully helping with our Mum and baby bonding. Also worth noting that if you recommend a friend, one of your classes with MamaBabyBliss will be free.

Stay tuned mums, for my next class review of Little Greene Yoga…

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