The first Christmas as a 3…

Have you ever had to endure the excessively stressful journey home for Christmas? No amount of planning can prepare one for the mammoth operation that is squeezing most of your life into the square footage of your car for the event of the year. And taking a 4 month old along for the ride comes with additional baggage (literally) and the fear of accidentally forgetting a fundamental item, which could ultimately determine the fate of your Christmas. Cue our last minute mental checklist, maniacally ticking off essentials, before lugging bulging cases and locking up shop for 4 whole days. A bloomin’ mini holiday. I do worry about the first time we venture abroad as a family.  So we gave it a bash with packing up the car. With minimal coordination and lots of cramming we managed 4 days worth of clothing x 2 (and a half!) , 1 pram, 1 crib, and Christmas presents for the whole family. Oh… and the most important item of all – shoot me if I forget it – Husband’s stash of 20-odd beers! We left Glasgow on Christmas Eve to head to Ayr to stay at my mother-in-law’s and, surprisingly, traffic was smooth. I, however, was unable to see any of the scenic journey due to a mountain of presents on my lap, which I had to continually flatten so hubby could see out of the passenger side mirror. We did however play some festive tunes to make the journey more bearable.  Christmas was a lovely time, booze-filled and stocking-filled, turkey-stuffed, family-orientated. It was magical, and the best part was of it was the fact that it was Harris’s first Christmas. And he was truly spoiled! He also got to spend time with his 2 big cousins, and 2 little cousins, which was really special.  Our Christmas dinner was divine. We managed a platter of festive delights as our starter at mum-in-law’s, followed by turkey and all the trimmings at my mum’s. The best of both worlds. And kudos to my sister’s hubby, the chef, who cunningly disguised the much-detested Brussels sprouts as a creamy mash-up of sprouts and cabbage, fully converting a table of sprout haters.  We did notice though, that a change of routine and a stuffy nose made Harris far more restless at nights, so he had sleep-deprived zombies for parents for most of the festive period. Also, having a new baby meant that we had a queue of people desperate to see us, which in turn unravelled the stress of having to fit in (and sometimes host) multiple coffee and/or prosecco/mince pie dates. Pass me the elastic waste band now, please, to accommodate my hugely expanded festive tummy. Thanks Santa! I didn’t ask for that one.. So there you have it in a nut shell – our slightly stressful but mostly wonderful Christmas. Four whole days seem to have whizzed by in a jiffy, and we’re now happy to be home, unpacked and rested, the festivities all over for another year. Merry Christmas to all!

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