Little Greene Yoga Review

The class- Post-natal Yoga (with baby)

The name- Little Greene Yoga

The place- The Boiler house , Hidden gardens, Tramway Museum

The time- 10.15am on Thursdays

The fees – £52 per 6 week block

The contact-

Throughout my pregnancy, I delved into some prenatal yoga, just at home; some basic YouTube videos, but I got really into it – finding it so good for muscle tension and also to clear the mind after a long day carrying the extra weight from bump. After doing a bit of research in what was available for mum and baby in my local area, I discovered Little Greene Yoga and was particularly keen to get started soon after my six week post-natal check.

I contacted Veronica, who emailed over some information on class content, the advance booking system, and what I should bring along with me to class. I loved that this class was a convenient pram stroll away from my doorstep.

Although Veronica explained what was involved in mum and baby yoga, I still had no idea what to expect, really. I knew I was bringing Harris with me, but somehow I had envisioned a bunch of babies in downward dog position… far from reality.

The class is alignment based yoga and very much benefitting Mum. And, selfishly, I believe that’s why I have thus far enjoyed it so much.

The Boiler Room itself is well-heated, well-lit, and cosy, creating a comfortable environment and ambiance for yoga. In the middle of the room are lots of different coloured cushions for babies to lie across, and we each brought a blanket to lie them on. We were asked to bring a yoga mat along to class, but for anyone without, there were spares.

Veronica was extremely welcoming, encouraging lots of mummy convos at the start, during and after class and she joined in with lots of helpful advice, having had children of her own. Her teaching style is very relaxed and all previous anxieties about having my crying baby disturb the relaxing zen in Yoga was soon lifted by Veronica’s easy going attitude. She made us realise that it’s normal for our babies to cry, and she made sure she would take the noisiest babies and either walk them round the room, or bounce them on  her lap, sometimes juggling two babies at once. She’s clearly a pro.

At the first class we filled out a quick health form so Veronica had some info on what type of birth we had, whether there were any complications, and then she could give her expert advice on how to approach the positions in class. Each week Veronica checked us individually for stomach separation and gave us techniques to try at home. We concentrated a lot on posture, breathing, strengthening our core and, of course for us mums, those ever so important pelvic floor exercises. I’m guilty of neglecting my pelvic floor so I liked that Veronica concentrated on strengthening techniques every week.

Veronica made it a sociable class, where she encouraged us to stay for coffee and cake afterwards in the Tramway cafe, which conveniently sells a wonderful array of cakes. As a new group of mums there are plenty of stories to share so we sat for hours after class sometimes.

I would highly recommend this yoga class to mums of all yoga capabilities.

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