Our day at Mini Manoeuvres

We were super excited to take Harris along to his first Mini Manoeuvres. He’s now 6 months old  (I know, the time has literally been spinning out of control) so, although he’s not exactly moving or manoeuvring yet, we assumed that there would be some sensory benefits for his little sponge of a mind and well, quite frankly, the ex-clubbing child in me was desperate to relive her youth! Tickets were easy to book and reasonably priced for popular warehouse and gig venue SWG3 in Finnieston and an e-ticket could be scanned on the door.  I love the variety of different events that SWG3 hosts. We’ve been to some food and drink festivals there in the past, including North Hop beer festival, and have attended the popular art and design event, Hypermarket. SWG3 boasts such a cool space for all sorts of events with the community at its core.  Mini Manoeuvres was a sell-out so there was a brief queue at the door and, in our typical fashion, we were late! Buggies could be parked in the massive entrance area before venturing through to the disco. It was nice to be surrounded by other parents; and those with babies crying, or energetic kiddies running, were welcomed with empathetic smiles – a sense of we’re all in this together.  A lovely couple actually offered me space to perch on the end of their bench to feed Harris and we struck up a great conversation.  I found myself uncontrollably foot-tapping along to DJ OOFT’s beats all day, and it was so nice to see so many people up dancing with their kids.  We had a wander around the different play areas set up around the room; a ball pit, face painting, and a chalk wall for the creative kids to go to town! Harris particularly liked the lights and confetti-filled balloons.  The benches in the centre were a great communal area to allow mums and dads to socialise. Arriving earlier may be a good idea, however, to guarantee a table – especially if in a larger group.  There was a good selection of drinks at the bar, and Hubby was excited to discover one of his favourite pale ales from Drygate Brewery, “Crossing the Rubicon”, was in stock. Snacks and crisps were available and a little hot dog stand was a nice touch.  We will definitely be back for the next event.  Here are some photos of our day….  Mini Manoeuvres next event is venturing South, to The Shed Nightclub on the 18th of this month. It’s already a sell out, so keep your eyes peeled for future event info here… https://m.facebook.com/minimanoeuvresglasgow/?locale2=en_GB And don’t snooze on the tickets!

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