A Week of no Wins

I feel like it’s been one thing after another this week. There’s been a mountainous pile of washing needing sorted, my mind and wardrobe need a de-clutter, and I’ve been helplessly trying to fight a week long cold. So, rather than to sit silently wallowing in my own self pity, I thought why not write about it here, subjecting you all to the “barely even functioning” week of motherhood. Apologies in advance for channeling all my stress and fury into one little blog post.

So firstly, can we talk about this weather?! It snowed again this week, and to be honest I’m far from resigned to constantly layering non matching clothing and generally looking like a walking fashion disaster, and don’t even get me started on the hat hair which I’ve struggled to wash recently due to my god awful time management.

The aforementioned lurgy, caught last week, has reared its ugly head again this week. This family just seems to be passing it around like a yo-yo, and as you can imagine, sniffles and coughs have become catalysts to a very interrupted sleep.

We attempted weaning, and unlike my ace purée, it’s just not going as smoothly as I’d hoped. I have been trying over the past 2 days to introduce a butternut squash/ breastmilk mix into Harris’s diet. I know that weaning (its in the name) is slow to get started, but I just struggle with the sight of our self roasted, puréed, portioned AND defrosted meals being wasted and the impatient mother in me is desperate to have him eat more than 2 tea spoonfuls at a time. To cut a long story short (as I will most likely be able to rustle up a full blog on our weaning story) it was just really messy. Both days I’ve had to run a bath to remove butternut squash staining in Harris’s face/ hair.

A true depiction of my squash stained baby

To top things off, I missed an afternoon mummy meet up in the midst of all the weaning malarkey. This meant no caffeine fix or quality mum chat to save my sanity.

My only light at the end of the sleepless tunnel, was that Wednesday was Valentine’s Day, and what better day to kick the hump day vibes to the kerb, right? I do enjoy Valentine’s Day, and although it’s mainly sponsored by hallmark and encourages overspending, it’s a rare chance to really show the love. In our case, love which has been thrown to the back burner over the past few weeks to make space for parental arguments.

Hubby was a gem and picked up a card and flowers, and I was so looking forward to a first time visit to Julie’s Kopitiam for a spot of dinner and a large glass of much needed wine.

Then the migraine came.

What the hell?! The worst pain ever, behind both of my eyes. Happening all of a sudden, and like an avalanche my hopes for a romantic meal out, were crushed. Genuinely this was the only good thing going on in my life right now. Or so it felt after the week I’ve been having. In desperate efforts to cook a last minute meal, we used up a leftover broccoli soup and threw in some other ingredients. The end result was actually a relatively tasty broccoli cheese pasta bake. We shared a beer (which only slightly redeemed the no large wine situ) and I went to bed early, to try shift the headache. Not quite the date night I had dreamed of.

Last, but not at all least, to show you just how much I’ve face- planted into this week, today (Friday) I took Harris to Bounce and Rhyme class, minus his socks. Yup, I was that mum. *And now throw in the not so subtle and clearly judgemental eye rolls*

So there’s my week so far with no Mum wins. Some weaning stress and mess, and headache induced tears…but I’m holding out for a better weekend 🙏🏻

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