Snow day Cabin Fever

March- in like a Lion, out like a lamb. If this is a valid phrase, then it should be a lovely Spring-like day for my birthday!

We were all warned about the Beast from the East earlier this week. Regular Sean Batty weather updates had us all in Glasgow on the edge of our seats.

The beast arrived late Tuesday and roared his way across Glasgow and beyond, causing chaos everywhere (so far anyway) for three full days.

Glasgow Central station above looking eerily still yesterday.

For anyone living under a rock- The outcome is 18cm of snow fall in some parts (most accurately measured in my sister’s garden in Skegness) , Motorway stand stills, transport cancellations, the usual traffic chaos that comes with a continual red weather alert . This said, people are making wonderful snow angels, nearly everyone has the luxury of at least a full day off work, and one genius man ski’d to the corner shop for milk! Every cloud..

Yup, a manic few days as near enough the whole country became white.

And it’s become 3 days of indoor gloom for Harris and me. This is due to the snow disrupting our only possible modes of transport, making going outdoors physically impossible, and actually very dangerous. My car was buried under a thick blanket of snow, my pram makes a pretty terrible snow plough, and the idea of loosing my footing with Harris in the sling scares the living hell out of me. So we are staying safe until the red weather warning disappears.

Unfortunately, I’m used to getting out and about with Harris to enjoy Mum and baby classes, attend mummy meet ups, or even just to take a nice long pram walk to remove ourselves from husband’s peacefully created home office atmosphere.

So how do you entertain a 6 month old for 3 full days indoors? I found myself asking this question after about 3 hours in to the first blizzard on Wednesday. With cabin fever already evident, I had to take certain measures to prevent myself from going stir crazy-

So…I was productive (sort of) I made a conscious effort to attack piles of washing that have been stacking up. This takes up a good chunk of time and I finally got those spew stained bedsheets id been moaning about on instagram, washed.

I’ve been sorting through Harris’s clothes rail whilst throwing different toys in his direction to keep him occupied.

FOMO definitely took over yesterday when browsing all your awesome snow angel videos on instagram. I made sure I actually ventured out, even if just for five minutes to get my snow fix. Hubs took Harris at 5pm when he’d clocked off and I put on my thermals and braved the beast head on. I needed Fresh air and some supplies- chocolate and tinned food incase of a genuine snow-pocalypse.

I have brought out all of Harris’s toys. Every single one I think, and we’ve been reading books in light of world book day yesterday. I have however, exhausted all verses of the wheels on the bus song, and I am slowly running out of funny facial expressions or fun mum ideas before the walls officially cave inwards and my head explodes outwards.

I forced myself to do a YouTube workout when Harris was sleeping. The old lady muscles are actually beginning to seize up after 3 days of very little movement, and some good endorphins are always welcome.

I’ve survived so far by drinking copious cups of tea.

It’s amazing how much time can be wasted boiling the kettle and sipping on a good strong cup of liquid gold.

Lastly, I mustered up the motivation to put pen to paper and write a post! I find writing therapeutic, a way to release some inner tension and when 90% of my time is spent babbling to an infant, it’s a refreshing way to challenge my mind/ gain a little bit of my sanity back.

Huge respect and appreciation to the parents out there finding ways to entertain their small people. I salute you! Let’s share a wine sometime!

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