Glasgow South: My Pick of baby friendly favourites.

I’m a complete advocate for a Mat leave, post class coffee, and cake. They really do go hand in hand but unfortunately to the figure, this lifestyle is not friendly. I like to remind myself however, that after a third day of “winding up my bobbin” and “popping my pancake in the pan”, that I one hundred percent deserve that caffeine and sugar hit, and I’ll most likely work off a few of those calories at my next bounce and Rhyme session anyway.

I thought I would share a handful of my favourite baby friendly restaurants and cafes seeing as the Southside boasts an abundance of them. We are completely spoiled for choice and with continuing new places popping up, there seems to be a real buzz about the Southside food scene.

You will notice that most of my photos seen below are from my social media, mainly insta-stories. Admittedly I’ve fallen into the “eating and snapping for the insta” trap. Come on, we’re all guilty of it.

Gladcafe (Shawlands)

This is my favourite cafe come gig venue! I often meet up with some mums with the buggy’s, as it is a just a stones throw away from Queens Park.

There is comfortable ambient lighting inside, comfy couch spaces and plentiful room to park up your buggy. Baby change facilities are available and I always like to browse through their event guide when waiting on a coffee. I occasionally attend a Mum and baby music class on a Tuesday morning. Coffee and cakes (and a new Asian inspired menu from NANIKA is a must try for dinner) are on offer all day including a good selection of GF cakes from Wild Flours Bakery.

Mumma likes- their white chocolate hot chocolate with marshmallows !

The butterfly and Pig (Shawlands)

We like this venue for meeting up with friends. The menu is quirky, and the place always has a buzz about it with a busy bar.

Family friendly and certain nights you can catch a live band or two. Staff have always been accommodating when we’ve brought Harris in.

Mumma likes – baby friendly until 9pm.

The Bungo (Strathbungo)

I took my sis here and we had a fab brunch and coffee date with the babies before bounce and Rhyme class. I love that there are sociable booth spaces and the baby change facilities are good. Theres plenty space for buggy’s also, and staff are completely accommodating. The bungo is both baby and dog friendly! I keep telling my sis to bring her pup up along too.

Mumma likes- the Brunch menu- try the salmon and truffled scrambled eggs.

Gusto and Relish (Strathbungo)

I love it here. The interior wallpaper is the same as in our living-room and so it kind of feels like home when I go in! But actually better than it’s homely feel, is gusto’s selection of coffee!

I used to come here when I was pregnant for their healthy smoothies. Staff are also brilliant at locating a table with pram space.

Mumma likes – their breakfast rolls

Surf Dogs

Hot dog fans rejoice! We loved this place when they had a pop up at Taste Buchanan. And now they have found home in the middle of Shawlands which is super handy for us to walk out to.

We love the simplicity of the decor inside, and with some quirky film posters for Harris to stare at that keep him occupied!

Surf dogs honestly do the best hot dogs I have ever tried, and there are so many variations. Look out for their unique specials too!

Mumma likes- big booth space for privacy to breast feed and one of the best baby change toilets I have come across so far.

Spill the beans (Shawlands)

This cafe is home to my weekly mummy meet up. I love the space in this cafe, and that you are always surrounded by families with kids. There are absolutely no judgements when a pack of mums with noisy babies turn up. They do a fab lunch time meal deal, and I’m obsessed with their cakes. Baby change is good and there’s a box of toys available to entertain the bubbas.

Mumma likes- the alcove space which can be reserved for Mum and baby groups.

The White Elephant (Cathcart)

This place is really family friendly with an awesome play area through in their conservatory. There’s parking too and loads of space inside. With varied menus throughout the day too and check out the beer garden now that it’s officially Spring!

Mumma likes their mid week coffee and scone deal for £3!

Cafe strange brew.

By far this is the hippest cafe in Shawlands, serving the best menu for brunch. I do find that pram space is difficult due to how popular it is but there’s a bench seat at the window where you can perch with the buggy whilst waiting on a table and conveniently watching the world go by. The decor in cafe strange brew is all the interior goals. I love the dark blue contrasting walls.

Mumma likes that they are always changing up their specials for a unique take on brunch.

I hope you will find my recommendations useful. Feel free to hit me up if you find any other baby and child friendly spots! I love finding new places!

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