A Quick baby Milestone update.

Harris is almost 8 months.


We have 4 clear cut nashers- 2 top and 2 bottom which my husband says gives him excellent odds for him biting off one of our fingers. God help me if he decides to bite down during a night feed.

He is finding his unique little voice and having conversations with me more often. I really wish I spoke baby babble- A lot of “dadadadas” and “babababas”. We’re not getting any other consonants yet, nor actual words but I’ll be sure to keep you posted if and when he says his first word.

He waved for the first time a few weeks ago when we were at a dinner party at my aunt’s house. It was more of a twisted wave, like he’d adopted it from the Queen but I still count it as his first. Quite quickly our 3 wine deep dinner party convos turned into a hilarious game of “who can make the baby wave the most”. Unfortunately my proud mum moment was short lived. After one night the novelty had clearly worn off for Harris and like the Houdini, the wave disappeared. We’ve now substituted it with some hand clapping which, I must admit is happening constantly, and is really  rather cute.


He would much rather stand that sit at the moment and hasn’t really mastered how to crawl or even pre stage “commando crawl.” Tummy time often results in him rolling back over on to his back. In fact, I would be neither upset nor surprised if he skips the crawling stage altogether.

Hubs and I are taking our first trip abroad with Harris very soon and have been getting organised with passports, a travel buggy and other travel essentials. Copenhagen is the destination, so a relatively short flight to ease him in gently.

We have been gradually weaning Harris for around 5 weeks and as someone who hates to see good food getting wasted, my patience has been put to the test with every teaspoonful. We did however reach a turning point last week when he finally began to open his mouth for my spoon- resulting in a better ratio of food to mouth, than food to bib!

Harris is at my favourite age so far. Of course there are new challenges at each developmental stage, but his new found voice and his facial expressions are changing day to day giving me so much joy, I wish I could box them all up. He has a loving little personality and when I walk into the room he watches me intently which makes my heart burst. Currently with his teeth coming through and a cough he can’t seem to budge (cheers to the prolonged Winter we’ve been having!) he has been waking in the night needing cuddles and affection. I struggle sometimes to be patient in these moments, particularly at 3…and then 4…and then 5.30am. Sometimes I feel guilty because I have flashbacks to a simpler life when I could remember what an 8 hour sleep felt like and really wish I appreciated it more then. At the same time, i’m trying to seek a positive light in the moments when he’s most vulnerable. I’m going to try to set an intention to keep my patience antenna up with me each day. To make a conscious effort to be more present in all the ups and downs that come with each milestone. I know that one day I will have that overwhelming desire to be needed. Because one day he will be 18 and I won’t be able to wipe drool from his chin at the dinner table, or blow raspberries on his tummy to make him laugh.



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