Buggy Fitness

Throughout my pregnancy I tried to stay as physically active as my growing bump and tired feet would allow me. Granted I’m no fitness Guru, but I did try building some prenatal yoga into a weekly routine, and my Grandad lent me his step machine which I tried to do in 20 minute bursts every few days. I think I craved those after exercise endorphins more than ever. Anything, I guess, to distract me from the usual pregnancy cravings, from melting into the sofa with a giant slab of Cadbury’s or dreaming of my first post natal G&T!

If you’re a new mum, first of all, congrats! And secondly, your wonderful postpartum body has just homed a little growing human for 9 months which is a blooming fantastic achievement in itself. Each mum’s birth story is unique, and each body will recover at its own pace, so often for some mums the idea of getting back into exercise is a scary thing to wrap the head around.

I found it difficult to know when to start bringing some gentle exercise back into my life, and more importantly what types of exercise were safe for me to do so.

I had been looking for something to do that would ease me back into fitness gently, but that I could bring Harris along to as well. I found that the hoop app is fabulous at discovering things to do in the local area, and this is where I fell upon Wendy’s buggy-fit class.

Wendy runs buggy-fit classes every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at Queen’s Park, and this provides plenty of opportunities during the week to get out and get your fitness fix. I would usually book a 4 week block and this could be used over a six week period, meaning that if I missed a week due to clashing baby nap time or if Harris was being particularly cranky, I had the flexibility to make up the classes on any of the other days. The block booking made classes a little cheaper and I find block bookings motivate me better anyway.

Wendy checked my stomach muscles for diastastis recti (abdominal separation) on the first session and she then gave advice on how to approach specific exercises safely and how to modify exercises which could be done from home to strengthen core muscles.

Buggy-fit is always outdoors and don’t let that put you off in the winter. I started my first block right smack bang in the middle of January. We Buggy-fitted in the rain and snow at times, and together we mamas motivated each other. As well as the gentle persuasive nudges on Instagram via Wendy.

The best thing about buggy-fit was the warm welcome I received from not just Wendy, but the other mums- the buggy-fit regulars. There was always a real sense of women supporting women at the classes, a real “we’re in this together” attitude, knowing the next exercise was hill runs, or to sharing our babies snacks and often jumping in to help jiggle an unhappy pram. And the post class coffee break at the Ivory Hotel was a great way to wind down and have some proper mama chat.

I can not recommend buggy fit enough and you should have a look at Wendy’s whole core classes if you’re a Mum looking for some post natal diastasis healing. Go and check out her Instagram page too for postnatal fitness tips , recipes and more..



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