My moving house checklist

Moving house is up there with the more stressful situations life will throw at you. We made the completely insane decision to move twice in the space of 5 years. Turning our lives upside down and into a series of badly tied bags and shoddily made boxes. It definitely has been a challenge of patience, has tested the strength of our relationship and generally turned me into a frantic mess. Add a one year old to this mix and you can imagine that our stress levels hit the roof. All that said, it’s most definitely been a learning curve. And as they say, if you can get through a house move without a divorce, your relationship is ready for anything.

We decided we were moving when an opportunity to do a self build in an area we liked came up, and although the timing isn’t perfect with Harris turning one right in the middle of all the upheaval, it was kind of a no brainer move for us.

Based on our experience of being completely ill prepared, I decided it may be helpful to write up a little moving house checklist.

  1. Plan ahead for supplies you will need.

We were like, “hey were second time moving pros, we’ve got this in the bag” But wait for it, we had no ACTUAL bags.. bar some basic Aldi carrier bags and a few bag for life ones, but we needed Big industrial bloody bin bags. Who knew they could come in so handy for throwing in shoes, toys, and the kettle.

2. Plastic boxes for the win

We started with the traditional approach to packing, with cardboard and packing tape. This lasted for so long until we realised that we were spending more time making up the boxes, as we were packing them.

The solution was to hit up ‘Home Bargains’ for storage tubs. Best. impulse. buy. yet. We bought tubs in abundance and they were cheap, and they were sturdy! Cutting out the need for taping, scissors, and the patience needed for both.

3. Helpers

Rope in some willing volunteers as many hands lighten the load. We managed to get my best mate Lucy look after Harris one night to allow us to make some sort of dent in the piles of clothing that were scattered across our bedroom floor. And my dad was a genuine life saver that week with multiple van trips. Your chosen helpers will not be excited about the prospect of helping you move all your sh*t, but bribery is great, and I’m sure some day they will ask you to return the favour.

4.Touch an item once!

My dad is an old hand at flat clearing. He’s helped out with friends and families moves in the past- not his first rodeo. His motto is “if you touch an item, you bag/ box it” and don’t do what I did which was to look at an item, move it across the room to where I thought it should be boxed, to then move it back to its original place and stare at it blankly, wishing I had Matilda powers.

5. Bin the sh*t

If you don’t use it at least once a week, why do you even need it at all? This logic has served me right with clothing, shoes, makeup. I do love a good lifestyle and home-life de-clutter. But unfortunately I’m married to a hoarder who does quite the opposite. In fact he thrives on clutter with collections of things. Just hundreds and thousands of things. Things with no meaning like bottle caps and packaging. On the very rare circumstance that they MIGHT actually be worth something someday in 2055. I am, as you can tell, far less sentimental.

6. Don’t leave it to a day’s work. There is no way in hell that we could’ve cleared our place in a day and I’m so glad my dad had given us the nudge to start packing early. Time is everything when you suddenly realise you have left everything to the last damn minute.

So there you have it.

Some tips, I hope you find useful if you plan to move in the future and on that note, good luck!

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