Autumnal Punch

A friend once told me that the best 1st birthday party they’d been to involved lots of booze, and the worst, lots of 1 year olds!

Cousin Autumn’s 1st birthday party was today and my sis asked me to help out with drinks.

So with very little time and preparation (on my part) I adapted a little recipe I found online and decided that an Autumnal Gin and Apple punch would be a great addition, and very fitting for Autumn’s party.

Recipe below for one Punch bowl…

•1/2 Bottle of Gin (any make)

•3 table spoonfuls of honey

•Juice of 2 limes

• 3 cinnamon sticks

• 2 apples diced into little strips

• Some sprigs of Thyme for garnish

• I let the flavours develop for a good hour and just before people arrived, I added one full carton of apple juice (again any kind would do, but we had a carton of Copella Cloudy Apple handy)

• lastly, the mix was ladelled into a glass to 3/4 full, then topped with a dash of Apple cider (I used cans of Magners

Lots of love,

Kat x

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