The importance of feeling like you again

It’s been a while since I’ve sat down and put pen to paper or in this case, went on a 3am keyboard mission and miraculously ended up with a blog post. Blogging has sort of been chucked to the back burner to make way for some ACTUAL parenting.

Ironic really, considering my blog of the most part is a round up of my parenting experience, and yet I’m struggling to find the time in between our move, meal preps, nap times and part- time working (wahhh) , to jot it all down. Harris is at such a demanding age and I mean that in the most motherly and loving way possible. He is requiring a lot of my time and energy. And whilst that has its lovely perks, like his excited little face at meal times, or his constant cuddles, it leaves me little or no time to concentrate on me and my self care. Such an important part of life as a mum. To spare that few minutes (if that!) throughout the day to just take some time out and remember what you love about being the pre kids…you. Parental burnout is a thing guys and we can’t let ourselves feel guilty for wanting a little bit of that precious baby free time back.

So I thought I’d list a few things that help me feel a little less zombie and little more Beyoncé after a night, sometimes week of broken sleep and countless hours of keeping a toddler entertained.

Tea Jenny

I like to make sure my tea cupboard is full. Excessive Tea drinking is becoming my midweek coping mechanism. Tea has this calming way of taking me to a place where my tired soul is happy.

I’m particularly enjoying Nipper and co. tea at the moment (instagram find) and noticed they do a tea for breastfeeding mums and a tea for the kiddies too.

Taylor’s of Harrogate is another favourite of mine (supermarket available). The rhubarb is my go to flavour and actually is a rare find that it tastes as it smells!

A bath!

I love a bath. I make sure that at as often as I can, when husband clocks off at 5pm, I have a window of opportunity to have an hour long bath. Clear your diaries once a week mummas, when the tots are down for the night, you’re basking in Hot. Bubbly. Bliss. Make the most of the peace and quiet.

Social media

It sounds silly but to browse the lives of my instafam, catch up on what’s new and have some little chats with my instagram mum pals brings me this feeling of normality. We’re all in this crazy bubble of motherhood together and it’s nice to have people to share my experiences with. Instagram can be full of negativity at times, however for me it’s been such a wonderful platform for meeting like minded women I’m now happy to call friends. Just make sure it’s a healthy amount of time you’re spending on it, and of course that it’s a positive experience for you. I usually have a browse when Harris is napping and find lots of you on my feed are doing the same thing!

Don’t let things pile up on top of you

I’m guilty of this. Admitting to yourself if you’re feeling like your head’s a little under water is not a weakness, but rather noticing that you need to take that breather shows strength. It’s okay to not be okay at times. Motherhood is really hard and you’re doing the best damn job you can. Don’t beat yourself up. Take a moment to reflect, and value everything you do. Reach out for a mama friend to join you for a coffee. Hash it out, unload and take a much needed caffeine break and you’ll probably notice that whilst you’re raising your kids individually, you’re actually in the same boat.

The self care routine

Is not something I have ever been bothered about, is having a skin care routine. But lately I’ve been feeling like I need to give my dry skin and hair, chapped lips, my whole general appearance really, a much needed injection of self love. Maybe just to try to abolish those tell tale signs of sleep deprivation. I’ve begun a little bit of a night time ritual which involves some toning, some moisturising and feeding some goodness back into my skin. Below are a few products I’ve been using lately…

From left to right-

The ordinary Moisturiser

Nivea pearly shine lip balm

Argon oil hair conditioning mask

Bare Minerals complexion rescue (tinted moisturiser)

The ordinary Hyaluronic acid + B5

The ordinary Caffeine solution

What do you do to take time out and for self love?

Love kat x

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