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This summer in Glasgow for Mum and baby on a budget.

We are still in the heart of the summer people, despite what the change in weather may imply. Yes, it may have reverted back to the typical driech and dreary kind that we’re used to, but that doesn’t mean that we have to sit indoors all day in front of the tv (although there are… Continue reading This summer in Glasgow for Mum and baby on a budget.

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Snow day Cabin Fever

March- in like a Lion, out like a lamb. If this is a valid phrase, then it should be a lovely Spring-like day for my birthday! We were all warned about the Beast from the East earlier this week. Regular Sean Batty weather updates had us all in Glasgow on the edge of our seats.… Continue reading Snow day Cabin Fever

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A Week of no Wins

I feel like it’s been one thing after another this week. There’s been a mountainous pile of washing needing sorted, my mind and wardrobe need a de-clutter, and I’ve been helplessly trying to fight a week long cold. So, rather than to sit silently wallowing in my own self pity, I thought why not write… Continue reading A Week of no Wins

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My (sort of) stay at home Husband

My husband has been very involved in raising Harris, right from birth, and I would usually refer to him as a “hands on dad”. I do wonder, though, in this modern age, with more woman working their way up the corporate ladder and becoming badass boss babes, does the term “hands on dad” have any… Continue reading My (sort of) stay at home Husband